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      WELCOME TO Sleek Garage Door Repair

      Our Garage Door Service has the best garage doors, openers, equipments and techniques. We have an experienced team of professionals who know how to tackle with each and every type of garage door and its components.

      Our technicians go through a meticulous training process which covers every technique, needed to repair a garage door. After the completion of training, they are field tested by the best in this industry.

      Only after then we allow them to perform the job to perfection. As their professional levels increase, they attend workshops and updated with all the latest information and techniques so that they can do the work efficiently. Also, we have the best and high quality products according to your requirement and need. We assure you that whatever your problem is, our skilled technicians can resolve it only in a couple of hour with the help of latest and branded tools.

      We have different and unique styles, materials, colours, sizes and designs of garage doors. Even then, if you cannot find what you need, we can design customised doors as per your order.


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      We offer 24/7 emergency services on all residential and commercial garage doors. We are not one of your local neighborhood shops; we work professionally and efficiently at all levels. When it comes to customer interaction, we work with total dedication so that you can count on us every time you’re facing any issue like this. We take pride in servicing any garage door regardless of its size or of its material.


      When you have selected your desired garage door, you will then need to select the opener as per the door’s requirement. You should know what type of garage door opener you want because garage door openers are as varied as the garage door themselves.

      It is neither simple nor is it exceedingly hard. With the right information and a bit of time you can find the opener that is going to work on your garage and with your needs as well.

      There are three major aspects you have to keep in mind while choosing garage door openers. First is the work load, which depends upon the amount of time you use the opener in a day. If you are going to use it several times a day then you have to get an opener that is going to be durable and that can handle a heavier load of work.

      Secondly, when you are buying an opener you have to keep the features in mind and check whether it should be the one which have lights on it or the one with remote control; you can buy any of it depending on your need. And finally the existing systems, if you have any other opener or remote in your house then you have to buy an opener similar to the one you already have.

      By keeping the aspects in consideration you will get the right door opener.


      A common problem faced by most of the people having garage doors, is a broken garage door spring. If your garage won’t open then you’ve to check its springs.Garage door springs are classified into two types.

      The first type is the torsion springs which are located on the front wall of the garage near the ceiling above the door but it can only be seen when the door is closed. The second type is side mounted springs which are heavy springs mounted on each side of the upper garage door track. In our Garage Door Spring Repair Service we have comprehensive inventory with all sizes and shapes of high quality springs.

      Many people are tempted to repair the springs by themselves but we strongly advise against it because you might not have the right equipment or technique. You can totally trust our team as we possess the tools and experienced technicians necessary to make it possible that the springs that would be installed are the right ones and are installed the right way.

      Once springs are replaced, we adjust the door and make sure the opener is working properly with the new springs. We always replace both the springs, even if only one appear to be broken. It’s an industrial practice to do so because when one spring breaks, the other spring will break not long after.

      Plus, if only one of them would be changed then the door would be imbalanced. By following these techniques, your garage door would be totally fixed.


      When it comes to a type of garage door many homeowners consider price the deciding factor. For that you have to establish a firm budget. Before you look for a new garage door there are some factors that affect the price of your door. These factors include installation, size, material and technology.

      To install a single new garage door it should cost between $500 and $800. The average homeowner can usually tackle such a project in a nine hour span but our professionals will be able to complete it in roughly less five hours.

      There are several price ranges; the price range for single tilt up model is from $400 to $700, the price range for single rollup models is from $800 to $1000, price range of the custom roll up models is from $1200 to $2000 and for solid wood custom models the price is from $2500 to $3000, these prices are with installation.

      For the openers, the prices vary because all the automatic openers are different. The prices range from $150 to $300 with installation and should come with the portion for secure automatic openers that add not more than $50 each to the total cost of the project.

      Other than that the windows across the top of the door to provide light inside of the garage, the use of steel or wood frames to give decorative doors added security and stability, and insulation which can reduce energy costs in the attached garage by an impressive 15 to 20% While scarcity drives the price of a single panel garage doors cost a little, they tend to cost less than sectional door.

      A single panel door usually has a much lower price than a sectional door created with the same material.


      Garage doors have transformed heavily in the past few years. Today’s garage door designs are more interesting, having higher quality and much more varied than before, so every homeowner can sure find something within their budget.

      We provide the best garage doors as they have become a center of attraction for a home. We offer you such garage doors which fit the best as per your need. There are many types of garage door which includes sectional doors, up and over doors, roll-matic doors, side sliding doors and garage side doors. The sectional doors open vertically upwards and are suspended under the ceiling to save space.

      Up and over doors combine high-quality technology which opens in a flip manner. The roll-matic provides a plenty of space in front and inside of garage. Not only you park directly in front of the door but the ceiling remains free as well. Side sliding sectional doors is suitable for many sitting situation, even difficult ones such as roof slopes. Side doors are very convenient if you want to quickly fetch something from garage without opening the garage door.

      For almost every door design we offer you a wide variety of color and material.


      Anyone who enjoys spending time outdoors or working on a car in the garage will find the Garage Door Screens a must have. It not only allows the air to pass but it also keeps the bugs out and creates an outdoor space perfect for a get together, a car fixing day or refinishing a furniture.

      We are ready to help you to get your garage door ready for the nice weather. We have this special garage door screen which is fully retractable, spring loaded garage screen system that works in conjunction with your existing garage door.

      These are built on an aluminum track and slide side to side for access with a single vehicle. The screen enclosure is built on the exterior of the garage door so that it can be opened and closed without having to move screen each time. Going from a stuffy garage to an airy, pest free and fresh space is a snap and takes a short span of time.

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